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Easy Self-Help Acupressure SeriesDeborah Myers has taught thousands of adults and kids self-help acupressure. The Daily Clean Your House Flow is an easy-to-use flow that is effective for reducing stress, providing pain relief, and strengthening the immune system.


Deborah created an animated video of the Daily Flow to address a need for youth of all ages to enjoy more stress-free lives. You can view this video and others here.


Use the video in the classroom and at home to experience life with more ease, creativity, productivity, clarity, and focus! It is easy to follow and fun to watch time and time again. And the benefits are long-last lasting.


Her series of Easy Self-Help Acupressure books are great companion guides for the video.



Click here to view the entire Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video.

And watch it whenever you want to during this COVID-19 crisis.

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