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Deborah Myers
Deborah Myers Wellness

Do you want to feel stronger, healthier and more vital?

Founder and Director of Deborah Myers Wellness (formerly Health at Your Fingertips), Deborah Myers is passionate about empowering others to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Deborah helps audiences reduce stress, relieve pain and begin healing by using the energy balancing techniques of acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. And she teaches how they can boost energy, creativity and productivity in nine easy steps.

Through her healing work, her coaching and workshops, Deborah Myers has helped thousands of people discover how they can easily and effortlessly improve their lives and have health at their fingertips. Teachers are using her animated self-help acupressure video in their classrooms with great success in helping students be more focused and productive. Families find that using the video at home has enhanced daily activities.

People of all ages, including grown-ups, can easily use the video and the companion guidebooks to discover the invigorating health benefits of implementing Easy Self-Help Acupressure on a daily basis.


1. You created an animated video for kids, for families and for teachers. Describe what it’s like and how it’s helping teachers and parents, as well as the kids.

2. What is your goal with the video and the books you have written?

3. You mentioned that the video and the practice of doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow can make a difference for kids. What ages are the kids? Do you have any examples?

4. Give us an example of what someone could do to relieve a symptom or let go of stress.

5. How does acupressure and energy balancing work?

6. How can people do it for themselves?

7. How do teachers and parents get the animated video into their schools and homes? And can anyone order the video?

8. Why do people come to you?

9. Can people prevent health problems from actually occurring by doing self-help acupressure??

10. Does this technique work if someone has no actual training?

11. Where do you teach your workshops?

12. Will you create a custom workshop for an organization or business?


1. Self-help energy balancing is easy to learn and easy to do on a daily basis. And you will feel healthier, stronger and more productive.

2. People of all ages can easily learn to do self-help acupressure flows. When they do it regularly and consistently, they notice that they are ahead of the game—whether it’s school performance like studying and taking tests, whether its activities like exercise, sports and music, or whether it’s increased productivity in the workplace.

3. Doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow by following the poses on the animated video makes it easy for kids, parents and teachers and to make a difference in their lives—physically, mentally and emotionally.

4. Workshops with me can be scheduled anywhere, in-person or online. The information you will learn will give you an unlimited lifetime supply of new-found vitality and a solid sense of well-being!

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