Back in the Saddle

CowgirlBack in the Saddle — at Last

Time has floated right on by me. I thought I would be back in the saddle about six-weeks post-op with rest and rehabilitation. I can’t believe that it has been six months since my neck surgery. Life did indeed throw me a curve ball when surgery was the way to take care of the flare-ups and pain I was experiencing from the October 2015 car accident. When we get out of our way, it can be pretty amazing what can take place.

Surgery went smoothly, and so has my recovery. My surgeon is pleased with the results. My whole healthcare team is in full agreement that I am doing well. Flexibility and mobility are improving daily. Physical therapy can bring up discomfort as the muscle groups figure out new ways of engagement and movement. Doing my energy work before and after PT and my home exercises allow my body to do more with less reaction. So that is helping the healing process. I’m also discovering how doing Jin Shin Jyutsu and physical therapy can bring back a voice. (Yep — lost my voice for a while.)

Learn more about the procedure: Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and also here.

The Big Surprise

What took me by surprise was how long it took me to regain clarity and focus. I had full belief and expectation that by the sixth week after surgery I would be getting to my extensive list of writing projects, office clean up and organizing projects. Well, dream on! At this point, I’m still in the space of “getting it together.” Clarity is back, but I’m finding that my body is asking for more rest and downtime. At first, I thought I was experiencing a loss of motivation which was freaking me out! I realized that I need to look at my calendar and avoid teaching multiple classes and presentations in a row. I’m listening to the messages from my body. I’m not packing as much into my days. Go figure! I’m spending lots of time each day doing my energy work, along with physical therapy and voice exercises.

Autumn is Upon Us

This is one of the hardest realizations I had over the last few months: I couldn’t do all my gardening and yard work that I typically pack into spring, summer, and fall.  Thank goodness I have had great help, but for those of us who love getting dirty in our gardens, it’s not quite the same. I’m harvesting my basil and tomatoes and enjoying the dahlias.  And, of course, I love these autumn days that are pleasantly warm and have gentle cooling breezes.

What’s Next

I’ve learned so much about healing from major surgery, being patient, and respecting my body’s timeline. Stay tuned for my insights as I share my journey of recovery.

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Time for Change

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Autumn is here. Whether we’re ready for it or not, the world is giving us lots of messages that things are going to be different. I don’t know why I’m surprised every year when I notice LOTS of ways that life is changing right along with the season change.  You would think that after sixty plus years I would be at least somewhat aware of what is coming around the corner!

This particular autumn seems to be really showing all of us that something is in the works. I’m hearing from many clients and friends and colleagues that so many of us are sensing “imminent change,” that something is coming our way – and it’s going to be big.

What change is imminent? Is it something that will be affecting all of us equally? Some are saying that maybe the weather is going to be really intense this year, or that maybe some decisions are going to be taking place that will create major impact across the board.


I personally think that the change we’re sensing is within each of us individually and that each of us is recognizing it is time to step up to the plate and do something different and maybe even really big and expansive.

I’m seeing evidence of that! I know someone who is “finally” publishing her first book. She has been writing it for five plus years. Another person has literally jumped into a whole new profession because she recognizes it is time to step into her true potential, and in doing so she’s leaving a really good-paying job. Another has said it is time to stop working at the regular job so he can spend the time he wants to in community service. And another person has let go of a relationship that wasn’t doing either of them any good, even though it had just been easier to keep on doing the same thing.

For myself, I’m noticing that after almost five years of not having Randy in my life, I’m thinking of “what’s next?” I’m not jumping into anything different – I’m just noticing that the question is there.


Here’s the key: a question, in and of itself, creates the energy of the possibility of change. Energy does not like being stuck because that creates stagnation. Energy wants to and needs to move. If you’re contemplating “something different in your life,” ask questions, be imaginative, be innovative, and see what might come your way.  THAT is being IN the midst of being creative.

To have your experience be even more eventful, spend time every day balancing your energy. Being balanced will allow you to more easily create the results and desires you’re searching for. Enjoy the journey!

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Autumn leaves change is in the airARE YOU HUNGRY FOR CHANGE?

There’s a reason if you are noticing that you are searching for something to make different. Autumn is the time of year when everything around us is changing, so we subconsciously mirror that pattern and the desire to be in that pattern. On top of that, the bodies we live in are all about change. There is no part of us that likes to be stuck whether we’re looking at our physical, mental or emotional bodies.


So put it all together and the question is, “Are you ready for the change that is probably coming your way?!?” To create readiness for transition, it’s a necessity to not be holding onto blocked, stuck energy. I would like to share a few simple energy tips to help you more easily step into what you want to do:

  1. Cross your arms and hold your elbows or upper arms. Yes, it’s the first step of the Daily Clean Your House Flow and is all about opening up breath. AND it’s an energy balance area that connects with the energy that allows for all parts of you to be ready for transition
  2. Continue holding your fingertips on one of your elbows and with the other hand, hold the opposite inner thigh or knee. This energy movement will help you step INTO the transition – whatever it looks like for you and your world.
  3. Then move the hand that is on the inside of your knee to the outside of the knee. You are now holding an energy balance area that is all about rhythm and strength. In other words, being grounded and balanced so you CAN let go and do all you want to do.


These energy tips will help prep your body AND help you be in a state of conscious awareness and mindfulness. When you’re grounded and energetically balanced, ALL parts of you will be along for the ride and you’ll discover your journey is a whole lot easier than you even expected.
Listen to the recording of my teleclass that happened on August 26th. It’s all about opening up the flow of energy so you can be the creative being you are meant to be.

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