Your Body is Hungry for Balance and Breath!

young girl in an exuberant balance pose Our bodies are hungry to be in a state of balance because they just want to be happy! We just need to give to them what they ask for and feed them with moving energy and breath. Maybe you’ve heard me say that we can prepare our bodies for what we’re going to ask them to do and prepare them for what might come at them. It’s actually very easy to do so! There are simple energy balancing points that you can hold in a few short moments to help your body be ready for the activity you’re planning to do.

And when you’re doing that, you’re also making sure that when “whatever happens” your body won’t go into reaction. YOU can make a difference in the health of your body: physical, mental and emotional. So here’s a simple pose: cup your left shoulder with your right hand and hold your left hand at your sit bone. Then switch your hands. You are helping your body “let go and get ready” and allowing your body to step into the activity easily without going into reaction.

To help your body “feel the breath,” all you need to do is help it fully experience the expansion that is possible. Simply hold your upper arms by folding your arms across the chest and then hold the inside of your knees.

My desire for you is to live in a body that is happy, healthy and responsive — ready for all you want to do! I’ll share more energy pointers with you in upcoming posts.

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