Pay Attention to Your Body’s Signals

A world colored by painPain is no fun!

Pain is a signal that your body is trying hard to get your attention and get a message to you. Your body is saying, “I’m out of sync and it’s affecting how well I can function.” No matter what has created the pain and discomfort and regardless of where you are experiencing the pain, the flow of energy is blocked. Your body is in a state of imbalance and confusion, and the pain will not allow it to easily do all it needs to do to be a healthy and vibrant being. Pay attention to your body’s signals.
If you’re experiencing pain, tightness or tension, is it affecting what you can do? Are you in denial and trying to do most everything that is on that long list of work and household chores? Have you become a master of ignoring what your body is telling you?
Blocked energy is what creates your symptoms,  issues, or problems that are getting in the way of doing what you want to and need to do. By the way, instead of “problems,” I like using the word “projects.” Projects are more fun to work with and have a beginning and an end!

Move Your Energy to Shift Away from Pain

Are you aware that you can help move that blocked energy that is creating the pain and make a difference in how you feel? All it takes is recognizing that your body is sending a message, listening to that message, and then helping your body let go of the blocked energy. You can help that project get corrected! It’s all about having a self-care program that is easy to learn, easy to do and easy to get around to doing.
When you and your body experience energetic balance, you will more readily recognize what a state of balance is for your body. And, on the other side of the coin, you will realize when your body needs something more to get to the place of pain-free and healing.
Doing a daily series of self-help acupressure flows can assist your body in having a firm foundation.  Consider doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow to give you that space that allows improved energy flow, as well as improved oxygenation and circulation. It will also help you recognize the signals your body wants you to hear.

Gaining Insight

Over the last few months, I have come to the realization that I was ignoring what my body was trying to tell me. I do my Daily Clean Your House Flow several times a day. Plus I consistently do many other flows and energy points to help my body be better prepared for what I’m going to ask it to do, as well as better prepared for whatever might come at it. By the way, when I’m doing my energy work, I tell my body, “I like you being in flow and this is how we’re doing it together.” It’s all about being a partner with your body.
I honestly thought I was in touch with what my body was telling me. I was in pain from an injury I received last year as the result of an automobile accident. I could sometimes manage the pain with my self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu, and I was receiving excellent care from my providers.
I did not realize that I needed something extra and different to move me out of the pain zone. Sometimes we can’t fix it all by ourselves. Sometimes we need care that is more extensive than we can provide to ourselves. The pain I experienced affected my clarity and my ability to pick up on the information my body was giving me.
I finally got out of my own way. I listened to my body.  I increased my awareness of what I needed.  I know now that I’m on the way to healing.

Pain is a Journey of Discovery

Pain is a magnet that can pull you off center. It can take you off your true path. Pain can create stress and confusion in your entire system. Pain has an ability to compromise your health, focus and clarity, productivity, and your ability to manage emotions.

What Happens When Pain Becomes Chronic?

As stated by WebMD at
“About 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain can be mild or excruciating, episodic or continuous, merely inconvenient or totally incapacitating.”
“The emotional toll of chronic pain also can make pain worse. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and fatigue interact in complex ways with chronic pain and may decrease the body’s production of natural painkillers; moreover, such negative feelings may increase the level of substances that amplify sensations of pain, causing a vicious cycle of pain for the person. Even the body’s most basic defenses may be compromised: There is considerable evidence that unrelenting pain can suppress the immune system.”

“The symptoms of chronic pain include:

  • Mild to severe pain that does not go away
  • Pain that may be described as shooting burning, aching, or electrical
  • Feeling of discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness.”

“Pain is not a symptom that exists alone. Other problems associated with pain can include:


  • Sleeplessness
  • Withdrawal from activity and increased need to rest
  • Weakened immune system
  • Changes in mood including hopelessness, fear, depression, irritability, anxiety, and stress

You can read the entire article at

Pain Relief is at Your Fingertips

Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow at least once every day. There is no such thing as too much self-help!  Discover how good you can feel when you treat yourself to  the Daily Flow several times a day. Your body hungers for the firm foundation that comes from a daily practice of energy balancing like the Daily Clean Your House Flow.

Do Try This At Home for Pain Relief

Holding these specific balance points will bring easier movement and flow, and help release any back and neck tension you may be feeling:

  • Right hand – cup back of neck with fingers on the left side
  • Left hand – hold fingers on the coccyx (base of spine)
  • Left hand – hold fingers on outside of left knee

Holding these points will help your body let go of any pain and discomfort:
It doesn’t matter what ankle you’re holding to start —

  • Right hand – hold fingers on the inside of the ankle
  • Left hand – hold fingers on the outside of the ankle

And —

  • Hold hand on area of discomfort/pain/inflammation
  • With other hand – hold fingers on outside of knee

Wishing you easy movement so you can have fun, get things done and let go of PAIN! Let me know what transpires!

Discover how easy it is to be a partner with your body!

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