Back in the Saddle

CowgirlBack in the Saddle — at Last

Time has floated right on by me. I thought I would be back in the saddle about six-weeks post-op with rest and rehabilitation. I can’t believe that it has been six months since my neck surgery. Life did indeed throw me a curve ball when surgery was the way to take care of the flare-ups and pain I was experiencing from the October 2015 car accident. When we get out of our way, it can be pretty amazing what can take place.

Surgery went smoothly, and so has my recovery. My surgeon is pleased with the results. My whole healthcare team is in full agreement that I am doing well. Flexibility and mobility are improving daily. Physical therapy can bring up discomfort as the muscle groups figure out new ways of engagement and movement. Doing my energy work before and after PT and my home exercises allow my body to do more with less reaction. So that is helping the healing process. I’m also discovering how doing Jin Shin Jyutsu and physical therapy can bring back a voice. (Yep — lost my voice for a while.)

Learn more about the procedure: Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and also here.

The Big Surprise

What took me by surprise was how long it took me to regain clarity and focus. I had full belief and expectation that by the sixth week after surgery I would be getting to my extensive list of writing projects, office clean up and organizing projects. Well, dream on! At this point, I’m still in the space of “getting it together.” Clarity is back, but I’m finding that my body is asking for more rest and downtime. At first, I thought I was experiencing a loss of motivation which was freaking me out! I realized that I need to look at my calendar and avoid teaching multiple classes and presentations in a row. I’m listening to the messages from my body. I’m not packing as much into my days. Go figure! I’m spending lots of time each day doing my energy work, along with physical therapy and voice exercises.

Autumn is Upon Us

This is one of the hardest realizations I had over the last few months: I couldn’t do all my gardening and yard work that I typically pack into spring, summer, and fall.  Thank goodness I have had great help, but for those of us who love getting dirty in our gardens, it’s not quite the same. I’m harvesting my basil and tomatoes and enjoying the dahlias.  And, of course, I love these autumn days that are pleasantly warm and have gentle cooling breezes.

What’s Next

I’ve learned so much about healing from major surgery, being patient, and respecting my body’s timeline. Stay tuned for my insights as I share my journey of recovery.

basil-Fall-2017 Tomatoes-Autumn-2017 Nasturiums-Fall-2017 pink-flower-fall-2017 red-dahila-falll-2017 sunset-dahlia-Fall-2017

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Spring brings magic and smiles

chocolates on a plateSpring is like a box of chocolates!

You never know what you’re gonna get.” Okay – I love all three parts of that statement – spring, chocolates and the not stated but oh, so awesome Forrest Gump.
Spring is so full of so many amazing and yummy pieces of chocolate – the warmth, the flowers, the bursting of amazing scents, the balmy breezes and rain showers (we hope!), and the long list of activities we want to do. Those first pieces are easy but I can easily get caught up in the last one I mentioned. There always seems to be so much to do. The list is long and I have a tendency to want to do it all and feel like I should do even more. The trick is to pull one piece out at a time, savor the yumminess and get the absolute most out of it. The next trick is to make sure your body and your calendar can thoroughly experience and enjoy all of the pieces of chocolate that are in your box because it’s important to always have that smile!

Spring Energy Tips

Here are some energy tips to help you with YOUR box of chocolates! So you can be in joy and magic!
For clarity about your list (what piece of chocolate to pull out of your box), having the energy to do what you want to do, and enjoying every moment:

For clarity

  1. Place fingers on left and right base of skull
  2. Left hand: cup back of your head with fingers on right base of your skull
  3. Right hand: cup forehead with fingers on left side

For renewing your energy and creating vitality:

  1. Hold your hands at mid-back, right fingers on the right side at kidney level and left fingers on the left side at kidney level.
  2. Sit on your hands (this energy balance point is all about giving you and your body that extra boost of energy!)

experience spring magic

For helping you and your body KNOW and experience all of the pieces of chocolate that create the magic of spring:
Hold fingers on outside of knees, left fingers on left knee and right fingers on right knee.

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Renewal = transformation = changing your patterns

My last article was all about rejuvenation and making sure you set aside time to get back in touch with YOU. My Mexico vacation definitely created the space for that to take place for me. (That article is all about Mexico and beach and sunsets!)

It looks like that downtime actually helped me create a pattern that is continuing for me! I’m starting most days in the hot tub and doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow. I’m taking more walks and setting aside chunks of time for reflection and meditation. The walks and the meditations are short, and I am on my way to strengthening these habits.Re-patterning requires those moments where you start and then continue a new habit, a new way of being. My body is getting in sync with these new habits AND it’s super happy about it. I’m doing yoga positions daily so my yoga and exercise classes are more effective and productive.

My “taking care of me” has helped me boost my productivity.When I do sit down to get something done in my office, I am focused, my body is in a state of relaxed readiness and I am getting things done. My brain is even going along for the ride and there is less effort. Of course, I’m doing my energy work which creates the space for these new patterns to become established and grow stronger. My new behaviors (essentially my new habits) have an easier time integrating into my life.

This energy flow is what is making a difference for me. I created it when I realized that I wanted to get my body and my brain working together on the same page so I could more easily get to where I want to go. Consider doing the following flow to help you in YOUR re-patterning process. It is simple, there are only four steps. Do this flow as often as you desire. There’s no such thing as too much self-help!

Deborah’s Re-patterning Energy Flow for Clarity, Confidence and Completion (Getting Things Done)

  1. Cup your forehead with one hand and cup the base of your skull with the other (right fingers hold left side of forehead, left fingers hold right base of skull).This will help clarity and focus and help you and your body get on the same page!
  2. Hold your hands at mid-back, right fingers on the right side at kidney level and left fingers on the left side at kidney level.This hold pattern will rejuvenate and renew your energy system.
  3. Sit on your hands: it’s all about vitality and giving you and your body that extra boost of energy!
  4. Hold fingers on outside of knees, left fingers on left knee and right fingers on right knee.Are you ready for re-patterning your behavior? This will do the trick!



Red Shouldered HawkAnd, by the way, my time in the hot tub was exceptionally beautiful this morning. I received that time of renewal AND I was lucky enough to see TWO red-shouldered hawks land on the tree right next to the tub! The tree literally bent with their weight. In addition, there were two pairs of red-tailed hawks swooping above us! What a magnificent way to start the day!

I’m hoping that YOU find exceptional ways to experience renewal, transformation and changing YOUR patterns!

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