Free Wellness Webinar with Shiroko Sokitch

The dynamic duo of Dr. Shiroko Sokitch – MD/acupuncture and Deborah Myers – Jin Shin practitioner will share tips and tools for taking care of your health and your family’s health while in these stressful times.

Learn from these experts how to increase your ability to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. These skills are tantamount to increasing your safety and longevity. Master these tools during this crisis and have them at your fingertips throughout your lives for ease and wellness.

We will cover:

  • Self-help acupressure routines.
  • Energy points for strengthening the immune system.
  • Connecting with the expansion of breath.
  • How we can assist our bodies in creating consciousness and awareness during this topsy-turvy time.
  • How to bring clarity and focus to our mind and body.

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Learn more about Shiroko Sokitch, MD, director of Heart to Heart Medical Center.

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Corona Virus Prevention Recommendations

Virus ProtectionThis thing called the coronavirus is taking many folks to a worrisome “what is next?” place. Here’s what I want to suggest to you!


Utilize easy ways to boost your immune system so you can consistently stay on top of this and potentially prevent infection or at least minimize the severity. In essence, it’s all about immune resilience!


What follows are some prevention strategies. Please let me know if you have any questions!


The top of MY list to boost immune resilience is stress reduction.

Why? When the body is experiencing stress and holding onto it, the immune system will get affected. It’s a natural reaction.


How on earth are we supposed to reduce stress in the midst of all of this craziness? We’re questioning what we’re supposed to do. How can we best take care of ourselves and others and sort out misinformation? And how can we best NOT go into a place of fear that creates MORE stress?


Reduce stress by doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow!

This 9-step self-help acupressure flow (it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to do) is super easy to learn and get around to doing because the benefits are noticeable! Your breath will expand. And you will experience that relaxing feeling of “all is good.”


And, please note this flow connects with your immune, endocrine, and adrenal systems to add extra support and give them a boost.


Many people say that the Daily Clean Your House Flow is a built-in meditation practice — true even for folks who say, “I can’t meditate, my body won’t do that.” You can experience a feeling of calm without trying to make it happen. And you’ll replenish your body at the same time!


Click here to get the printed version of the Daily Clean Your House Flow AND extra energy tips for expanding breath, releasing anxiety, increasing clarity and focus, and relieving pain and discomfort. All of that, by the way, is all about reducing stress!


Share this information

Want to share this with friends and family members? Send them to my website at and have them click on the button – “Learn the Daily Flow! Get Focused Now!” And they’ll receive a copy of this exclusive Insider’s Guide.


And for a super quick and easy boost for immune and breath:

  • Right Hand – cup right shoulder with fingers at the top inside corner of the shoulder blade (near the neck); you’re holding an energy balance point that connects to the immune system.
  • Left Hand – hold fingers on the left chest below the collarbone; you’re holding an energy balance point that is all about lung breath and distributing that breath to every cell of your being.
  • Switch hands to do the other side.


More prevention strategies


1.    Take probiotics (and add fermented food to your diet)

2.    Reduce sugar and other sweeteners

3.    Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics

4.    Exercise regularly – it supports cardio, respiratory and lymphatic health

5.    Get enough rest –restorative sleep allows your body to replenish the supportive systems in your body (immune, endocrine, and adrenal systems)

6.    Keep your body hydrated – make sure you’re getting adequate fluid; maybe add coconut water to your regimen

7.    Keep inflammation down –

  • Consider adding a high-quality omega supplement (essential fatty acids).
  • Determine whether you are getting adequate electrolytes. You may need sodium, potassium, and magnesium as food and supplements to create electrolyte balance.
  • By the way, magnesium helps reduce inflammation, and it’s available as an easy-to-use oil and oil spray).

8.    Have zinc lozenges available if you feel any cold-like symptoms beginning. Zinc can potentially reduce the severity of colds. But be careful. More than 150 mg/day may lead to zinc toxicity with side effects.


Preventative Actions

Here are the steps we’re hearing a lot about and are super important to be thinking about consistently:

  1. 1.    Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Have some in your car and purse
  3. After coming into contact with shared surfaces like doorknobs and car door handles, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Cover your cough or sneeze (do so into your elbow)
  5. Change your handshake to an elbow-bump
  6. Most importantly, stay home when you are sick and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.

Recommended Reading

I selected several articles that give tons of quality information to help us be better informed. The data will help us make intelligent choices that we can do to keep healthy. Each of us can be a partner with our bodies. We need to be consciously aware of what we can do to strengthen our immune systems!


The following article is by Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, a Certified Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Doctor in Santa Rosa. Shiroko is a seeker of solutions and healing, and her words are indeed an amazing overview of how we can make a difference in our bodies. Her expansive knowledge of different healing methods have given her the reputation as an authority for patients with difficult, or impossible, conditions.


“How to Avoid Coronavirus, The Power of the Immune System”

How to Avoid Coronavirus



The following article by Dr. Bridge Somine is FULL of great insights and suggestions. Dr. Somine is a naturopathic health care provider at Farmacopia. Visit the Santa Rosa Integrative Wellness Clinic, where they operate an apothecary (both onsite and online). Lily Mazzarella, the owner of Farmacopia and her staff consistently impress me. They are significant assets that bring wellness to our community both near and far.


“Coronavirus – Holistic Strategies for Building Immune Resilience”


Boost Your Wellness

And remember!! To boost your immune system – do the Daily Clean Your House Flow! It’s also available as an animated video. I created it for kids, but adults love it just as much.  Let’s all get and stay as energetically balanced and healthy as possible!!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


For additional information about using zinc lozenges.

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Get your copy of the six-minute Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video.

It’s my gift to you!! Click here..