The Perils of Being Unconsciousness

deer silhouetteBe Here Now

Have you caught yourself being un-conscious, that is not aware of where you are at a specific moment or not being aware of HOW to be where you are?

Bambi Alert

I’ll give you an example from my life! In the past few weeks I’ve been unlucky enough to have deer jumping the fence and getting into my garden. Now that is a bummer! I’ve lost tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, flowers and who knows what else. I know they’re hungry and searching for food and water, but in MY garden? I have a really tall fence all around the garden, but I think they’re jumping onto the deck and then over the railing into the garden itself. Now, those deer are truly persistent.

One of the first mornings I discovered three deer (a doe and two little ones) meandering around and chomping away, I rushed down without thinking about what was on my feet. Big mistake. I should’ve been wearing tennis shoes, not sandals. In the process of herding them through an open gate, I stubbed my toe and really hurt it.

My Wake-up Moment

I know that accidents happen. But I truly was not being in a state of conscious awareness of where I was putting my feet and how I was moving. Well, those deer are still getting in, but I’m not going into “frantic mode”. It is what it is and I’ve decided to move more slowly and deliberately as I meander my way into the garden and herd those “sweet looking beings” out the gate.

The Lesson of My Story

BE in a conscious state of awareness by allowing every part of you to fully feel your body, where you are in time and space, and how you are experiencing your surroundings and emotions. One way to get yourself there easily is to “do” a daily practice of mindfulness. Maybe it’s doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow, maybe it’s meditating, maybe it’s a practice you’re already putting into your day. Whatever it is, allow you and your body to feel the breath and feel the movement of energy.

A Quick Energy Tip for Mindfulness

A real quick energy tip to bring in breath and bring you and your body to full awareness is to:

  1. Right hand — cup sternum directly below the clavicle
  2. Left hand — hold fingers in a vertical pattern on your tummy

This simple energy movement will remind your body to breath and to go to that place of centered and grounded. THAT is where you will experience “conscious awareness” and truly be present.

I’ll give you more next time — both the story and the energy tips.

Enjoy being in the moment!

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Don’t Be a Deer in the Headlights

Have you ever felt like you were a deer caught in the headlights?

Yesterday I walked outside and surprised a deer that was near my garden fence. She freaked out, jumped the deck railing and I thought for sure she had jumped into the garden. But as I walked around the garden, there was no sign of her. That poor girl must have run across the deck and jumped off the high side.
Granted, it was daylight and there really weren’t headlights, but the deer must have felt like her life was in jeopardy. Her reaction was “get out of here fast no matter what I have to do to make it happen.” She also could have gotten “stuck in the moment and not been able to move.”
I know I have had times like that: “needing to make an immediate decision and follow through right now.” It’s real easy at the moment to go into flight or fight mode, or paralysis and not be able to do anything.

Jumper Cables Tame Big Emotions

One of the best ways to tame big emotions is to Jumper Cable each of your fingers, even if it’s just holding the thumbs or index fingers. Spending time holding the thumb is all about letting go of worry and anxiety, the emotion/attitude that our bodies will go to if things aren’t going the way you want or expect. To get the results you want and to “get to success,” hold those thumbs!
Holding the index fingers will allow you to move away from fear and move towards taking action with confidence. When there is no fear present, there is a sense of safety and security and ability to “deal with it” and know that all is well.
So, when you have a surprise that could easily take your breath away and cause you to get caught in the headlights, Jumper Cable! It will work much easier and faster if you’ve already balanced your body by doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow.

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