Being a Kid and Discovering Magic

Deborah Myers Being a Kid Wearing Lighted Mickey Mouse Ears

Being a Kid and Discovering Magic

Disneyland is beyond magical —three days of being totally involved in the excitement and joy of Mickie and Minnie, parades, light shows and rides! And of extra special note — I was there with my family. For someone who loves amusement parks and being a kid-at-heart, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I wasn’t the only one excited to be at the park. Even though it was raining, there were so many people who were thrilled to be at the happiest place on earth. So how did I contain some my excitement so I wasn’t a complete embarrassment to my kids? And how did I make sure my body cooperated so I could do everything I wanted to do? One of our days was fifteen hours long, so I had to make sure I didn’t lose my juice, especially since that day was cold.

Discovering Magic with These Energy Tips

As you follow these easy-to-do suggestions, you’ll notice that both you and your children can easily do them. All of you just might discover how much  smoother your days can be!

I started the day with the Daily Clean Your House Flow. And then while I was waiting in lines and waiting for rides to start I did the following to make sure my body was prepared for what I was going to ask it to do:

To release any neck tension and boost the immune system

  •     Right hand — hold fingers at base of right side of skull
  •     Left hand — hold fingers just below center of right collarbone
  •     Right hand — move fingers to right side of neck
  •     Left hand — move fingers to left chest below left collarbone

To warm up — hold fingers on outside of knees

To expand breath and “handle feelings”

  •     Jumper cable — gently cup each thumb and finger
  •     Cup ring finger and middle finger at the same time — will help create a sense of happiness and joy and take away frustration, all at the same time!

Being a Kid

One of the things I discovered as I played in Disneyland is that it creates a child-like excitement when you allow yourself to be caught up in the moment. I love being a kid and I don’t mind being seen as a kid. I might be sixty-three years old, but whether it’s Disneyland, or Christmas, or being with little ones, I’ll never grow up.

I wish for you to have lots of fun-filled moments — whether you’re on your own or with your children. My suggestion is to find ways to be a kid. It really is okay to be filled with the child-like joy!

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I Am One Tremendously Lucky And Astonished Girl Full Of Disneyland!

Tremendously Lucky Deborah Myers hugging Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

I Am One Tremendously Lucky And Astonished Girl Full Of Disneyland!

It happened! I was at Disneyland! My excitement got even more ramped up when I got to the park. And, in my daughter’s and son’s opinion, I played like a three year old. For three fun-filled days, we took one ride after another and we watched parades, light shows and fireworks. One day was fifteen hours long, and my kids never suggested we should quit even though it was raining most of the time. I am one lucky girl!

Tremendously Lucky

My body cooperated — even with the rain and cold and long, long lines. I was doing a lot of energy work to help my body be happy. Prior to the trip, the energy work was all about being productive and getting as much of the to-do list as possible taken care of.

It was a different story at Disneyland. It was all about having the energy to be able to fill every moment with fun. I’ve managed to retain that joy since my return home which is a big plus. It’s in the space of experiencing joy and good memories that we can be creative and step into being more productive.

And I assure you I’m in need of a “feeling productive space!” It’s the beginning of a new year and there is a real long list of what needs to be done to get a good start on my intentions, objectives and goals for 2016.

My Disneyland Inspired Energy Tip

Try this energy tip to help you be engaged with your list and boost your productivity:

To connect with clarity and focus and step into possibilities —

  •       Place fingers on left and right base of your skull
  •       Right hand — cup back of head so fingers are on left base of skull
  •       Left hand — cup forehead so fingers are on right side
  •       Left  hand — cup sternum directly below your clavicle

My hope for you is that you have lots of astonishing moments of fun and that they fill you with joy!

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Disneyland Express Fires Up My Imagination

Mickey Mouse

Disneyland Express Fires Up My Imagination

I’m on the Disneyland Express, heading there for the time of my life! It is like a train that has a mind of its own with its engine pulling me along for the ride. I’ve been called a big kid many times and yet, this is a whole level of excitement that I haven’t experienced for a long time. I totally get why it’s so hard for kids to concentrate on the day-to-day stuff when there is a big exciting event coming around the corner.  Because that is exactly where I am!

But I need to get some stuff done before I leave so it’s all about creating focus and attention. So, realizing that the teacher needs to make use of what she knows, I’ve been doing what I’ve taught elementary school teachers and parents and kids.

Tools To Use When Excitement Wants to Take Over

Here are some of the tools that have helped me and will help your kids, no matter what exciting adventure is being planned.  AND it will even help them get in the mode for returning to school.  That in and of itself can be an adventure!

  1. Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow. It helps create the foundation for easy and effortless “being in the flow”.
  2.  For an extra boost of clarity and focus, with right hand cup the back of the head so fingers are on the left base of skull. And with left hand cup the forehead.
  3. Discover how easy it is to balance emotions and feelings by simply doing the Jumper Cables. Hold each thumb and finger for several good breaths. By the way, holding the middle fingers helps let go of frustration and anger! And holding the thumbs helps decrease worry and anxiety.

And consider checking out the animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow. It’s a fun way for teachers to make a difference in the classroom and for parents to see how much smoother family life can be.

Wishing you LOTS of adventures for 2016 for you and your kids!

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Colossal Disneyland Excitement Makes it Hard to Sleep

Mickey MouseColossal Disneyland Excitement Makes it Hard to Sleep

Yep! I’m a kid at heart and that has been totally apparent for the last several months as the departure for Disneyland has been getting closer and closer. Though we’re arriving late on the first day, I talked my kids into getting a park pass for that day because “Why on earth would you even want to miss the opportunity to start the enjoyment?” And, of course, we’re doing the Hopper Pass so we can go to both Disneyland and California Adventure.

For someone who has always loved amusement parks and has super clear memories of the last time at Disneyland (it’s only been twenty plus years!), I’m ready to see and do as much as possible. I’ve been asking everyone who has been there what rides and attractions absolutely must be experienced.

Thrill of Anticipation

Have YOU ever had the level of excitement in which you get all wrapped up in the pictures in your mind and the anticipation of the thrill of what you have planned? At this moment in time I totally get why it’s so hard for kids to concentrate on the day-to-day stuff when there is a big exciting event coming around the corner.

I’m pulling out the “energy tips” to get my brain engaged so I can get at least a few things done before I’m traipsing all over Disneyland.

Here’s What I’ve Been Doing To Create Productive Space

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s especially important to be “doing the steps” to meet my objectives and goals. If you want to get more out of your days, here are the flows I use:

  1. Starting the day doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow. It helps create a solid foundation for the day.
  2. Hold the mid-back near the kidneys, right hand on right side and left hand on left side. This creates space for “flow and manifesting”. Hold for several good breaths as you open up the energy and allow for new possibilities to come your way.
  3. With the right hand, cup your sternum directly below the collarbone and with the left hand hold your fingers on your tummy.  This will create energy movement that will bring in breath and ease and ability to “take in” all that does come your way.  AND it will, because you’ve created the space that allows ALL to happen.

Wishing YOU all the excitement and joy of the New Year as you create and allow possibilities of transformation and expansion!

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