Expectations and Transitions – Allowing Change to Happen!

Expectations and Transitions – Allowing Change to Happen!

It was just one year ago that we were lucky enough to see a red moon!  And it was a glorious experience.  So we must be doing something right to have it happen again!  Last Sunday night was a gorgeous, clear night and just before the eclipse of the full moon, the moon became flame red.

(See the post for Oct 8, 2014: A Dragon Eats the Moon)

Red Dragon

And then the moon was gone. It was a surreal moment when the night became so dark that I couldn’t see the path, much less my hand in front of my face. It was immediately so still that there was not a tree or an animal moving.

CHANGE – It’s what life is all about

The energy of those moments was truly one of “quiet expectation” as the earth was transitioning from one way of being to another. It was preparing for change. Have you ever noticed that quiet way of being as YOU are preparing to make a change, especially a big one? You were busily going through all the steps – coming up with an idea, creating and planning, checking off the items on the to-do list, and getting closer to the completion. Then you wait for the movement, for the change, after the completion. It’s in that “waiting” when we experience the sense of the possibilities that are right around the corner.

THAT is the moment where we allow the magic to happen. Want more magic in your life? We can help ourselves step into our potential and destiny by balancing our energy to allow change to take place. Spend time doing your energy work, meditating, contemplating, and dreaming. All of that will bring you more easily to what you want to receive.


By the way, the energy balance area that is “hungry to be in balance to allow that change to take place” is at mid-back at the level of the kidneys. Just hold that area, left fingers on left side and right fingers on right side, with light gentle touch. Your body will appreciate the signal to “step into change easily and effortlessly.”

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A Dragon Eats the Moon

Red DragonI’ve been watching the moon get eaten by the dragon! It’s truly a ‘blood moon’ as it has turned from a bright glowing sphere to a burned red color. The ancient Chinese believed that solar eclipses occur when a legendary celestial dragon devours the Sun. They also believed that this dragon attacks the moon during lunar eclipses.
Well, I can see why they had a tradition to bang drums and pots and make loud noise during eclipses to frighten that dragon away. They must have been totally freaked when such a big orb in the sky became “nothing.” Just minutes ago, I experienced a change that was magical. The sky had been glorious with the stars shining bright and the moon changing colors and shape. And then the sky turned pitch black and the night sounds became silent. Even the stars went into hiding – they don’t have the same sparkle.
In October 2014 we know what is happening. We even have websites and Wikipedia to give us all sorts of information in the moment. But 2000 years ago, and even 200 years ago, the eclipse would bring fear and a sense of foreboding because they thought something bad was transpiring. Today, I’m not tempted to beat the pots and pans. Rather, I am in awe that such magic can be happening and that I’m awake to experience it. I am in awe of the quiet. There is no sound. Even the owls have gone to silence. There is no movement. I can’t see my hand in front of my face.
No more than twenty minutes have passed, and it’s not quite as dark now as the moon starts showing a sliver of light. That light allows me to see that the moon is still red, but it won’t be for long. And the sky is just a bit lighter as the stars shine a bit brighter. The dragon is almost gone, and I didn’t have to bang any pots or fire any cannons to chase it away.
I am blessed to experience magic.

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