Practicing to be Santa!


Practicing to be Santa!

The act of giving is a big one for children to discover. It truly can become an art — but to get to that point we have to do a lot of practicing. It’s like practicing to be Santa!

Artful Giving

When you were a child do you remember ever having that moment when you were supposed to give someone else a gift that you really wanted to keep for yourself? That was a big one — to go through that experience and then to realize that once we got over the trauma and drama, we really could feel good about it. It was the memory of the “feeling good” that created the space for more of the same to occur. And from there, the pattern of artful giving was shaped.

Experiencing Joy in our Bodies

The journey to feeling good and experiencing joy is one that is super important. All parts of our bodies (physical, mental, and emotional) want to be happy and be in a place of energetic balance and harmony. A body that is in balance doesn’t have to work so hard to not have unhappiness or stress or anxiety. It just more easily moves to that place — without effort!

Once the pattern for “feeling good” is part of our make-up, the body will  find ways to be there — including that place of “giving just because it feels good.” And, let’s face it — this is the time of year to feel really good about giving because it’s such a big part of the holiday season.

To help your children more easily discover that “I want to give” mode and be like Santa, try these energy tips:

  1. Gently cup middle fingers to help let go of frustration. (Helps let go of frustration, including any that is about giving when “I don’t want to”).
  2. Hold upper arms by folding arms across the chest. (Helps bring in breath which will let go of any anxiety. Anxiety can come from being uncomfortable with what is happening which will cause breath holding).
  3. Hold right fingers at area of heart and hold left fingers at base of ribcage. (Helps connect feelings of happiness and love with breath).
  4. Hold right fingers on left cheek and hold left fingers below left collarbone. (Helps with ability to fully express feelings, thoughts, words).

Doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow on a daily basis can go a long way to helping your children be happy and healthy. That will create a firm foundation. The extra energy tips create even more “letting go and finding balance.”

Enjoy the season! And have fun giving and being Santa!

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heart smileGratitude

I love the word! And it really does help the world go around. When we’re in gratitude we’re in a space of recognizing that something good has come our way. Then, when we take the next step and acknowledge that we have received, we are showing that we accept it. In that moment in time, we are creating the space that allows more to come our way.

Does that sound like we’re expecting to receive?  That we’re being demanding or feeling entitled?

I don’t think that’s the case. In fact,I believe that when we’re in gratitude, we help our energy move, and movement of energy allows us to draw to us what will help us improve our state of being, whether or not we’re even aware what that might be.  THAT is not being demanding. Rather it’s creating the space for possibilities to happen.

My Right Foot

Here’s what recently happened to me. I needed minor foot surgery. As soon as a close friend heard what was scheduled for me, she informed me that she was organizing healing circles – friends to come and give me healing energy work. My initial response was, “Jan, it’s just my toe.” Her response was, “So? It’s time for you to receive. You have given and now it’s time to be helped by those you have helped.”

Receiving is a Gift

So, I got out of my own way, accepted that the circles were scheduled and allowed Jan and all my beautiful friends to take time to come to me. Then came the actual circles. In the saying “yes” and “thank you” to their gifts of time, energy, and love for me, I allowed magic to happen. Those healing circles (three of them!) helped improve my state of being and the results were magnificent. In addition, many more friends were continuously sending me good thoughts and lots of great healing energy, all of which boosted that magic. I know that the time spent receiving from my dear friends is what has helped my recovery be smooth with very little discomfort. I know that I’ll continue to heal easily and that my body will be happy, healthy and balanced.

Deja Vu

I’ve had this lesson from my friends before. When my husband, Randy, was ill and we needed some financial assistance, these same friends created a benefit. THAT was a big one for both Randy and me to allow. But what an amazing gift! Then, six short months later, after Randy had passed away, those friends came together again to help me organize a beautiful event to celebrate his life.

Surrounded by Love

I’m a lucky one. I have extremely special friends in my life who keep reminding me to open up to receive. I am in gratitude that they’re here for me and willing to say: “it’s time to allow.” I have gratitude for my friends, for all the special clients and students in my life, for my beautiful children, and for my home and garden. I have gratitude for how I get to spend my days – bringing energetic balance to my clients, teaching how we can do our own energy work and become our own care providers, and creating new ways to help others, especially children, be healthy and productive.

Giving and Receiving

My wish for you is to be in gratitude, allow, receive, acknowledge and accept. And the gifts will keep on coming and you’ll keep on giving. Then comes more gratitude. That’s how the world goes around and we create magic.

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