Nourish Your Heart with Gratitude and Self-Love

I give myself love cupids, hearts and arrowsNourish Your Heart with Gratitude and Self-Love

Take time right now to think of how you can nourish your heart with gratitude and self-love. You may find that you are always giving to others first. You deserve love.

Welcoming February

If you’re anything like me, you’re happy that January has moved into February. Don’t get me wrong. There was a lot of good stuff in January. I especially loved my Disneyland trip with my kids! As you might have read in my articles, I make a really good little kid and can step into total enthusiasm real easy.

The reason that I like leaving January behind is that it has this “thing” about needing to let go of the old and prepare for the new. All good, of course. But, I for one, can get real bogged down in the lists and the “oh, oh, forgot to do that and didn’t manage that.” It’s pretty easy to get down on yourself in the midst of that mind chatter and forget how awesome you really are.

Dedication to Loving Yourself

So, here comes February — the month for love. It is after all the month that gives us Valentine’s Day, the day that is dedicated to showing our love for the special people in our life. But here’s the clincher: we can’t really love others and be able to fully express that love for someone else if we don’t first love ourselves. That love is all about appreciation for yourself and all that you do, gratitude for your body and spirit that allows you complete expression, and accepting who you are and what you offer in the world.

Louise Hay says it perfectly. “Love is the nourishment that we humans need to fulfill our greatness. As we learn to love ourselves more, we learn to love everyone more. Together we tenderly cultivate an ever more beautiful world.” By the way, you can feed yourself daily with beautiful and meaningful affirmations by going to

Gratitude Ritual

So, one of the best ways to discover how great you really are is to have a ritual around gratitude. Because when you’re expressing gratitude you’re discovering how much you really offer and that you are indeed a gift. It’s in that space of reminding yourself of your greatness that you will create your best life. My ritual goes like this. I start every day writing a gratitude and putting it my gratitude jar. I first re-read yesterday’s daily quote on Louise Hay’s daily calendar (thank you to my good friend Ronnie Roche for that annual Christmas gift!) Then I write my gratitude of the day on the back of yesterday’s page and put it into my gratitude jar. I started this last year when my friend and colleague, Cynthia Riggs, was promoting her “Good Things Challenge.” It was a good thing to do last year, so I’m even more committed to following through in 2016. Check it out at Discover how good it feels to contemplate gratitude and how it easily feeds into loving yourself.

Self-Help Energy Balancing Creates Appreciation

I continue my ritual with doing self-help energy work which lets my body know how much I appreciate what it does for me and that I’m willing to focus my attention on optimal health and wholeness.

Earlier in the morning I do the Daily Clean Your House Flow so I’ve already helped prepare my body for all that I’m going to ask of it and all that might come at it. Either during the “gratitude ritual” or when I have finished writing and putting it in the jar, I do one or more of these steps to get that feeling set in my being:

  • Hold your upper arms (to bring in breath and connect with heart and love)
  • Left hand: move fingers to right elbow (will help let go of old stuff) and
  • Move right hand to base of right skull (will help be clear and focused)
  • Left hand: move fingers to outside of right wrist while still holding head (will calm the whole being and allow you to be in the moment)

Give Gratitude for Valentine’s Day

And then, when you’re completely in that space of appreciating and loving you for who you are, you can step into fully loving others. Here’s another idea: instead of a regular Valentine’s Day card for that someone special, how about writing a list of everything you are grateful for in that person? Give that as a special “I love you because” gift. I’m willing to bet that you will bring on some huge smiles. Further, try it with the people in your life who are part of your team, whether it’s in your personal life or your business life. That kind of energy and love is the nourishment that we humans need to fulfill our greatness.

Have fun being the great and awesome you!

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Gratitude Creates Smoother Days

Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartDay of Thanks

’Tis the season for recognizing all the good that we have in our lives! In this country, we are taught from a very early age that Thanksgiving Day is for giving thanks for all we have and to give to those who don’t have enough to have a comfortable, safe life.

How about being in that “place of gratitude” daily? Take time each and every day to recognize something that is really good and positive, something that puts a smile on your face, gives you good feelings and helps you truly appreciate how blessed you are. You’ll discover that it makes the whole home environment smoother and calmer.

Family Project For “Tracking The Good Things”

When we recognize the good things that have happened, we automatically go into a place of gratitude. When we’re in that place of gratitude, more good keeps on coming. What you focus on expands.

Start a family practice that allows each of you to get in the habit of looking for the “good things.”

Three Ways to Track Good Things

  1. Set up a “good things jar” for each family member or each member could have their own journal.
  2. Have a special place in the house for everyone to write their day’s good thing.
  3. Spend time when you’re sitting at the dinner table to say “this was good for me today” and “I did this good thing today.”

You’ll notice that your household has a lot more smoother days. You’ll probably discover that each and everyone of you have easier, calmer days at work and at school.

Positive Versus Negative

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a place of being positive, everything in your day goes smoother and easier? And that on those days it’s easy to find things to be grateful for? On the other side of the coin are those days when nothing seems to go right and your thoughts are negative. That’s because negative thinking creates more negative thoughts, actions, behaviors, and responses. In that environment, not much positive can take place because there’s only room for the negative to live. And where there is a preponderance of negative, how can there be anything much to be grateful for?

The trick is to stop any old negative pattern you don’t want and to have the space for a new pattern to be created and to grow. It is in that place that we can create positive. And from that space, more and more will arrive in your life to be grateful for.

My Gratitude Jar

This past year I have been filling a gratitude jar with “daily good things”. And when I take the time to do it, I find that it is hard to write just one good thing because one thing breeds another and another. My piece of paper can get really full on those days. And when I miss a day (and especially when I miss several days in a row) it is noticeable to me that it’s easy to get into “not enough, or this is rough, or I wish this was different.”

A Balanced Body Creates a Positive Life

Make a difference in your life, your kids’ lives and in how the whole family moves through the day. Find a way to track the good things and you will be in gratitude.

To create the space for more good things, consider walking around in a body that is in a state of balance and harmony. When your body is in balance, being positive is just easier. Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow as a family and see that it makes a big difference. See what parents and kids are saying at

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Gratitude is an Attitude

turkeyGratitude is an Attitude

Yep! I’m a lucky girl. I’m healing from that accident of one month ago though I’m often hurting and needing to watch what I do. Exercising is pretty much out of the picture — at least for right now. Mild stretching is about the extent of what my body will let me do. My garden beckons me but luckily it’s time to prepare it for winter, and I can hand the clean-up to someone else. Decorating for Christmas? I’ll just have to see what can actually get done. Time will tell.

My Healing Journey

I feel so blessed that my treatment plan is helping me get beyond the injuries and even more blessed that I have the healing team I do. They literally have my back. And all of that self-help acupressure I do is getting me through the days and helping me sleep at night. I can feel how the energy flows help me prepare my body for what I’m going to ask it to do and prepare it for what might come at it. I’m getting more out of each appointment I receive, whether it’s acupuncture, physical therapy, massage or chiropractic. I will get on the other side of this thing called “the accident.”

Creating Positive Energy

Yep. I’m in gratitude. And I know that my gratitude will bring more good things my way because positive energy draws more of the same towards it. Positive energy occurs when there is balance and harmony which naturally happens in our bodies when we help the energy flow.

So do your daily energy work! Start with the Daily Clean Your House Flow to give your body a firm foundation. Then do the following to bring even more good things your way:

  • Right hand – hold fingers on right mid back
  • Left hand – hold fingers on left mid back
  • Right hand – hold fingers on left base of ribcage
  • Right hand – cup sternum directly below collarbone
  • Left hand – hold fingers in a vertical pattern on tummy

The Attitude of Gratitude

When we’re in a space of gratitude we have an attitude that is all about contentment. We’re contented with what we have in our life, what we’re experiencing and how good and happy we feel. That attitude draws more good into our lives that allows more gratitude. That is a beautiful cycle to create and make sure continues! And another huge benefit — there’s not much space to experience stress. Each day has more and more room to just be.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Self-esteem and Gratitude

Confident Kid

Self-esteem and Gratitude

Self-esteem and gratitude. Those two really “big words” are being batted about. Have you ever thought of how they go together?   

The Building of Self-esteem

First off, let’s look at self-esteem. It is a real important attribute to have, especially for children. A child with a high level of self-esteem will easily be able to step into all the possibilities available to her because she can actually see her options. But even before she can get to that place, that thing called self-esteem needs to be shaped by perception — her own and those of important people in her life.

Then comes a sense of security and belonging, a place where there is a degree of safety and comfort. From that space, your child can move into having goals that give her purpose and direction and allow her to achieve her desires. “Your child will feel empowered and in control of events when she is able to make or influence decisions that she considers important.”

For the entire article “Helping Your Child Develop a Healthy Sense of self-esteem,” go to The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes that our children need to be fully engaged with recognizing their possibilities before they can even take the steps to reach their end objectives.

Creating The Space For self-esteem

How do we help our children have a sense of purpose that allows them to channel their energy toward achievement and self-expression?

All of us, no matter our age, are walking around in bodies that are hungry for an energetic balance that will enable us to have clarity, have direction, be creative, be productive and experience success. We can more easily be there when we help our bodies discover what it feels like and then consistently remind them how to be in that space.

There’s an easy-to-do self-help acupressure flow called the Daily Clean Your House Flow that helps our bodies create the foundation for all that we want for our children. Check it out! There is a purpose for each of the nine poses that will assist your child to reach her full potential. And the animated video of the Daily Flow makes it a real easy and fun way to bring the routine into home life and into the classroom.

Bringing self-esteem And Gratitude Together

Now For Gratitude

It’s really quite simple how self-esteem and gratitude go together. A person who has healthy self-esteem is happy and easily functions in her day-to-day life. And that person can more easily see all the good things that happen. When we recognize and acknowledge those good things, we truly are in the space of “being in gratitude.” And that is the space where more good things come from.

In this season that is so much about recognizing what the good things are, let’s help our children discover how easy it is to be there and consistently live in a state of gratitude.

I was just telling one of my clients who is an amazing writer and poet about my self-esteem and gratitude article. Vilma proceeded to say, “self-esteem without gratitude is egoism.” There you go — self-esteem and gratitude are two really great partners in life!

May all of you have the best of the two in YOUR lives! Sending “good things energy” your way! Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: Frederick Homes for Sale / / CC BY-SA

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Life is Full of Surprises!

To Do ListLife is Full of Surprises!

Accidents are not planned so when they happen life changes. You have a list of what you need to do in the next few days and within the week. You have plans and then all of a sudden you have to make new ones. My car accident of two weeks ago has created a bit of a scheduling chaos. My calendar now needs to handle doctors, physical therapy, energy work, and massage. Whiplash creates a need to for immediate treatment. I don’t want to wait for the muscles to tighten up even more.

Where’s My Car?

Then there’s the car issue. I really didn’t expect to hear that my car is a total loss after being rear-ended. How could that have bent the frame? After the crash, I was able to drive my car to a meeting and then to my home. Now I get to deal with replacing my car when that was the farthest thing from my mind. I thought my Subaru was going to give me another ten years. I don’t know as of yet what I’ll be driving next.

Ripples and Repercussions

Any of this sound familiar to you? Dealing with repercussions from an accident is a lot of “this wasn’t part of any plan I had in place.” But that’s life: it’s like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you take a bite of whichever piece you happen to choose or are given.

Harvest Time and the Holidays

It’s November and my time is supposed to be used finishing the harvest, cleaning up the garden, getting plants into the greenhouse, prepping for Thanksgiving and creating holiday gifts.  And, of course, if you know me, you know that decorating for Christmas is of major importance. And top of the list is seeing my clients and spreading the word about my animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow.

Day by Day

So what to do? Take each day, one at a time, just like picking out a piece of chocolate. And I thank my lucky stars that my body is on a fast track to healing. All things considered, my life COULD be a lot worse. I have a treatment plan and I’m doing my energy work around the clock. Whatever gets accomplished from my list is still in up for grabs. The key is treat the list in way that keeps it from turning into stress.

Energy Balance and Healing

I’m doing the following to help my body be in energetic balance and heal.

Breath, Relieve Shoulder and Neck Tension

This flow will help you to be in breath and relieve tension in your shoulder and neck:

  • Hold upper arms by folding arms across the chest
  •  Left hand: cup right shoulder with fingers at top of right shoulder blade
    • Right hand: cup sternum below collarbone
    • Left hand: move to right upper arm
    • Left hand: hold fingertips in a vertical pattern on tummy

Clarity, Focus and Release Tightness in your Neck and Head

This flow will help you create clarity and focus and relieve neck and head pressure:

  • Left hand: cup back of neck
  • Right hand: cup forehead

Gratitude is an Attitude

By the way, you don’t have to be healing from an accident for any of this to work! Try these steps any time you want to expand your breath and improve focus.

I’m hoping YOU have a beautiful November! This IS the month for gratitude. See what each day brings and look for the good.  Enjoy!


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heart smileGratitude

I love the word! And it really does help the world go around. When we’re in gratitude we’re in a space of recognizing that something good has come our way. Then, when we take the next step and acknowledge that we have received, we are showing that we accept it. In that moment in time, we are creating the space that allows more to come our way.

Does that sound like we’re expecting to receive?  That we’re being demanding or feeling entitled?

I don’t think that’s the case. In fact,I believe that when we’re in gratitude, we help our energy move, and movement of energy allows us to draw to us what will help us improve our state of being, whether or not we’re even aware what that might be.  THAT is not being demanding. Rather it’s creating the space for possibilities to happen.

My Right Foot

Here’s what recently happened to me. I needed minor foot surgery. As soon as a close friend heard what was scheduled for me, she informed me that she was organizing healing circles – friends to come and give me healing energy work. My initial response was, “Jan, it’s just my toe.” Her response was, “So? It’s time for you to receive. You have given and now it’s time to be helped by those you have helped.”

Receiving is a Gift

So, I got out of my own way, accepted that the circles were scheduled and allowed Jan and all my beautiful friends to take time to come to me. Then came the actual circles. In the saying “yes” and “thank you” to their gifts of time, energy, and love for me, I allowed magic to happen. Those healing circles (three of them!) helped improve my state of being and the results were magnificent. In addition, many more friends were continuously sending me good thoughts and lots of great healing energy, all of which boosted that magic. I know that the time spent receiving from my dear friends is what has helped my recovery be smooth with very little discomfort. I know that I’ll continue to heal easily and that my body will be happy, healthy and balanced.

Deja Vu

I’ve had this lesson from my friends before. When my husband, Randy, was ill and we needed some financial assistance, these same friends created a benefit. THAT was a big one for both Randy and me to allow. But what an amazing gift! Then, six short months later, after Randy had passed away, those friends came together again to help me organize a beautiful event to celebrate his life.

Surrounded by Love

I’m a lucky one. I have extremely special friends in my life who keep reminding me to open up to receive. I am in gratitude that they’re here for me and willing to say: “it’s time to allow.” I have gratitude for my friends, for all the special clients and students in my life, for my beautiful children, and for my home and garden. I have gratitude for how I get to spend my days – bringing energetic balance to my clients, teaching how we can do our own energy work and become our own care providers, and creating new ways to help others, especially children, be healthy and productive.

Giving and Receiving

My wish for you is to be in gratitude, allow, receive, acknowledge and accept. And the gifts will keep on coming and you’ll keep on giving. Then comes more gratitude. That’s how the world goes around and we create magic.

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