Survive and Thrive

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Get your breath back after the fires – FREE workshop

Wednesday, November 15th, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Available to ALL residents and community members

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber offices

50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 110, Santa Rosa, CA

To sign up for this FREE workshop go to:

You know those phrases we have a tendency to use after a crisis?

“It took my breath away.”  “Waiting with baited breath.”  “Waiting for the next shoe to drop.”

Those phrases are describing our bodies not having enough breath. And, once that has occurred, our bodies have a memory of “not having enough breath.” After the traumatic experiences of the last month, it is pretty easy to recognize that we need to revitalize the respiratory system and make sure to boost our immune systems, especially when the smoke has also been part of the picture.

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber has requested that I offer a workshop to assist the community.

Survive and Thrive Workshop – Discover how to recover from trauma and be prepared for life

Vitality is at your fingertips. You can easily connect with your energy using self-help acupressure and rev up your body’s ability to accomplish all you desire to do and be. Become a partner with your body. And help your body heal from the trauma of the wildfires.

In this workshop with health educator & acupressurist, Deborah Myers, you will discover how to:

  • Balance your energy & get more out of each day
  • Help your body let go of any stress and anxiety
  • Rediscover your breath
  • Boost your immune system & stay healthy
  • Improve mobility & flexibility
  • Improve your focus, clarity, and memory
  • Get relief from chronic symptoms & manage pain
  • Increase your vitality & productivity & create peak performance
  • Let go of overwhelm
  • Handle feelings
  • Release blocked energy, old patterns, & self-sabotage that can limit your success

To sign up for this FREE workshop go to:

Chamber Survive and Thrive Workshop Flyer 11-15-17

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Are You Getting Triggered?

Roller CoasterAre You Getting Triggered? Are you searching for joy??

It has been a crazy roller coaster ride the last couple of weeks— for everyone. Lots of questions and emotions are jumping around inside of all of us. No matter who we wanted to win the election and how we feel about the results. Now on top of that, we have the holidays when lots of old family issues can get fired up.

You may be experiencing topsy-turvy emotions

You might be feeling:

  • Anxious
  • Distress
  • Sadness
  • Uneasiness
  • Grief
  • Worry
  • Unhappiness
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Anger

These emotions can trigger feelings of overwhelm for your body. Your body responds to feeling out of balance and ungrounded by creating symptoms.

What are your symptoms?

Have you been noticing shortness of breath, head pressure, loss of equilibrium, erratic sleep? How about increased sensitivity to others’ comments and opinions or close to tears? Or maybe you’re having indigestion, sadness, overall tiredness or just feeling on edge?

Your body is trying to get your attention!

If any of those symptoms are present, your body is trying to get your attention. It wants to be grounded, centered, and in a place of easiness. Are you ready to feel all that AND have your body bubble up with joy and happiness? It is possible even in the midst of whatever is creating your topsy-turvy roller coaster ride. The stuff that is triggering your upset may not go away, but your body can be a lot happier!

Easy Ways to Create Calm

Here are some easy self-help acupressure points to:

  • Open breath
  • Create calm
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Let go of fear
  • Increase your vitality

See how easy it can be to help your body create new patterns.

  1. Hold upper arms by folding your arms across the chest
  2. Shift your fingers so you’re holding the outside edges of your shoulder blades (like giving yourself a great big hug)
  3. Hold your thumbs and index fingers
  4. With right hand, cup the sternum just below the collarboneAnd hold left fingers in a vertical pattern on your tummy
  5. With left hand, cup forehead so fingers are on the right side
    And with right hand, cup back of head with fingers on left base of skull

Wishing you lots of ease and comfort! And a magnificent Thanksgiving!!
With gratitude for YOU being a part of my life!

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Section on Aging

I had the opportunity to be a presenter at a Section on Aging meeting in Sonoma County. The organization’s mission is to share information about how to better serve Sonoma County’s elderly community.  I am so impressed by those who attend and participate in this organization. It shows that these people care and want to make a difference.  It was an honor to be there!

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Renewal = transformation = changing your patterns

My last article was all about rejuvenation and making sure you set aside time to get back in touch with YOU. My Mexico vacation definitely created the space for that to take place for me. (That article is all about Mexico and beach and sunsets!)

It looks like that downtime actually helped me create a pattern that is continuing for me! I’m starting most days in the hot tub and doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow. I’m taking more walks and setting aside chunks of time for reflection and meditation. The walks and the meditations are short, and I am on my way to strengthening these habits.Re-patterning requires those moments where you start and then continue a new habit, a new way of being. My body is getting in sync with these new habits AND it’s super happy about it. I’m doing yoga positions daily so my yoga and exercise classes are more effective and productive.

My “taking care of me” has helped me boost my productivity.When I do sit down to get something done in my office, I am focused, my body is in a state of relaxed readiness and I am getting things done. My brain is even going along for the ride and there is less effort. Of course, I’m doing my energy work which creates the space for these new patterns to become established and grow stronger. My new behaviors (essentially my new habits) have an easier time integrating into my life.

This energy flow is what is making a difference for me. I created it when I realized that I wanted to get my body and my brain working together on the same page so I could more easily get to where I want to go. Consider doing the following flow to help you in YOUR re-patterning process. It is simple, there are only four steps. Do this flow as often as you desire. There’s no such thing as too much self-help!

Deborah’s Re-patterning Energy Flow for Clarity, Confidence and Completion (Getting Things Done)

  1. Cup your forehead with one hand and cup the base of your skull with the other (right fingers hold left side of forehead, left fingers hold right base of skull).This will help clarity and focus and help you and your body get on the same page!
  2. Hold your hands at mid-back, right fingers on the right side at kidney level and left fingers on the left side at kidney level.This hold pattern will rejuvenate and renew your energy system.
  3. Sit on your hands: it’s all about vitality and giving you and your body that extra boost of energy!
  4. Hold fingers on outside of knees, left fingers on left knee and right fingers on right knee.Are you ready for re-patterning your behavior? This will do the trick!



Red Shouldered HawkAnd, by the way, my time in the hot tub was exceptionally beautiful this morning. I received that time of renewal AND I was lucky enough to see TWO red-shouldered hawks land on the tree right next to the tub! The tree literally bent with their weight. In addition, there were two pairs of red-tailed hawks swooping above us! What a magnificent way to start the day!

I’m hoping that YOU find exceptional ways to experience renewal, transformation and changing YOUR patterns!

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Get your copy of the six-minute Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video.

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