Colossal Disneyland Excitement Makes it Hard to Sleep

Mickey MouseColossal Disneyland Excitement Makes it Hard to Sleep

Yep! I’m a kid at heart and that has been totally apparent for the last several months as the departure for Disneyland has been getting closer and closer. Though we’re arriving late on the first day, I talked my kids into getting a park pass for that day because “Why on earth would you even want to miss the opportunity to start the enjoyment?” And, of course, we’re doing the Hopper Pass so we can go to both Disneyland and California Adventure.

For someone who has always loved amusement parks and has super clear memories of the last time at Disneyland (it’s only been twenty plus years!), I’m ready to see and do as much as possible. I’ve been asking everyone who has been there what rides and attractions absolutely must be experienced.

Thrill of Anticipation

Have YOU ever had the level of excitement in which you get all wrapped up in the pictures in your mind and the anticipation of the thrill of what you have planned? At this moment in time I totally get why it’s so hard for kids to concentrate on the day-to-day stuff when there is a big exciting event coming around the corner.

I’m pulling out the “energy tips” to get my brain engaged so I can get at least a few things done before I’m traipsing all over Disneyland.

Here’s What I’ve Been Doing To Create Productive Space

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s especially important to be “doing the steps” to meet my objectives and goals. If you want to get more out of your days, here are the flows I use:

  1. Starting the day doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow. It helps create a solid foundation for the day.
  2. Hold the mid-back near the kidneys, right hand on right side and left hand on left side. This creates space for “flow and manifesting”. Hold for several good breaths as you open up the energy and allow for new possibilities to come your way.
  3. With the right hand, cup your sternum directly below the collarbone and with the left hand hold your fingers on your tummy.  This will create energy movement that will bring in breath and ease and ability to “take in” all that does come your way.  AND it will, because you’ve created the space that allows ALL to happen.

Wishing YOU all the excitement and joy of the New Year as you create and allow possibilities of transformation and expansion!

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