Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Grown-UpsGive yourself this relaxed approach to stress management.  A way to relieve symptoms of stress and to NOT take stress on!  At least once a day use this simple, powerful tool that also promotes focus, productivity, improved health, and improved performance at work, in sports and in creative activities.

The Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video is a series of easy-to-follow acupressure poses that takes less than 10 minutes. Created for kids, adults love it just as much and it’s a fun way to learn the Daily Flow. You’ll want to share this approach to stress management with family members and friends and colleagues. Everyone can benefit – the Daily Flow works for ALL ages!

The Smart Person’s Guide to Health, Productivity and Happiness offers clear explanations and colorful illustrations that show how to reduce stress, handle emotions, and bring a sense of wellbeing. You will discover why the video is working.

And you’ll discover how easy the poses are to use at work, at home and out in the world no matter what you’re doing.

Each of the nine steps of the Daily Clean Your House Flow involves gently placing the fingertips on acupressure points to harmonize and restore the energy flow in the body.

Get complete information on the Easy Self-Help Acupressure Kit for Grown-Ups.

“The Daily Clean Your House Flow helps us focus our minds and energy each morning before we begin work. And as the day progresses, this self-help energy work becomes a welcome respite to recharge our bodies and clear our minds for the day’s next challenge.”
—Greg Randall & Toni Wilkes, business owners

“The Daily Clean Your House Flow is a tool that allows me to be my own energy detector and healer. It is a quick and simple technique to reduce stress, pain, and physical and emotional discomfort. I’ve brought it into the workplace and seen others experience great results, too.”
—Jennifer Cody, Executive Coach & Director of
Program Management, Medtronic

“The Daily Clean Your House Flow is the most indispensable tool in my tool bag. Before getting out of bed each day I do my DCYHF to prep my body for the coming day’s challenges. I know I can turn to the DCYHF and rebalance my energy to feel better, think better, move better, relax and sleep. The DCYHF is the best all-around tool in my tool bag.”
—Ronnie Roche, owner of Technology Simplified

“Deborah Myers and her knowledge of acupressure has dramatically enhanced my health and well-being for around 15 years. The Daily Clean Your House Flow, which takes very little time to balance out the body and sweep out the blockages we seem to collect each day, is a core part of my daily routine and I think everyone should be doing it.”
—Star Dewar, Star Shots Photography

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  1. Elizabeth A Yahn says:

    I am trying to register for your VIPFREE 11/24 event and it takes me to PayPal for all three session at $97. I am a member of Newcomers and didn’t attend you zoom meeting, but watch the video.
    Thank you. Elizabeth

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