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The Karen Cumba Show

Deborah was a guest on The Karen Comba Show on LA Tribune TV. She shared how to become a partner with your own body; to be your own health care provider. Using simple and easy techniques all you need are your fingertips to embrace self-help acupressure to improve your wellness.

Karen Comba Show with Deborah Myers and Dr. Darren Starwynn from Isabel Donadio on Vimeo.


VoiceAmerica Radio Show Interview: SUCCESS FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

True success starts inward with a healthy, whole person. Listen in as Rebecca Hall Gruyter talks with Deborah Myers about how she treats, educates, inspires, and empowers people of all ages to achieve health physically and relationally as they SHINE in their lives.

The episode is part of a live broadcast on the prestigious Empowerment Channel of VoiceAmerica. It is also being replayed/shared out/syndicated on/heard on: iTunes, Stitcher, Google, The RHG TV Network, VoiceAmerica TV Network, Pandora, Audible, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and the Speak Up Talk Radio Network.

Voice America Radio Show Interview: SELF-HELP ACUPRESSURE

Would you love your family to feel more relaxed, centered, and grateful? Joven Hundal and Jack Pawlakos interview Deborah Myers, an energetic Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who has taught thousands of adults and kids self-help acupressure. The Daily Clean Your House Flow is an easy to use flow that is effective for reducing stress, providing pain relief and strengthening the immune system. Deborah created an animated video of the Daily Flow to address a need for youth of all ages to enjoy more stress-free lives.

Radio Show Interview: The Aging Boomers Radio Show — interview with Frank Samson of Senior Care Authority, Sonoma, California

Discovering how easy it is to use self-help acupressure to increase clarity and focus, reduce stress, balance emotions, improve heath and wellness. Developing a regular, daily practice of energy balancing allows people of all ages to increase their vitality and productivity and be healthier and happier.

Voice America Radio Show Interview: TAMING TEENS

Is your young teen moody and emotional? Hormonal changes peak in early adolescence. Parents can help by focusing on what matters most to teens. It’s important to be aware of the signs of serious issues and just normal teen mood swings. Learn a few strategies to modulate the mood for better coping skills. Hear what Deborah has to say about her self-help acupressure techniques that can help your teen—and you.



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