From Stress to Success – Creating the Miracle of Abundance and Prosperity

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Deborah Myers

Strong woman in balance
Have you ever felt that you’re not receiving all that you want and desire and that you’re not going to be able to be all you want to be? Maybe what you’re searching for seems to be right around the corner, or perhaps it flits in and then it seems to disappear.
There is a trick to setting intentions and attaining your goals. It’s about creating a state of balance and harmony within your body by allowing your body to experience the movement of energy. When that shift is happening your body will naturally want more of the same, and it will let go of any stuck, stagnant energy that has been blocking your ability to make changes and move forward.


A blockage of energy is just something in the way, like a traffic jam or a beaver dam.  The beauty of this process is that we don’t have to break out the big equipment and get all stressed out by working too hard to make changes. We can gently break apart the blockages and allow the flow of energy to happen and do so without effort. And that flow is what creates the space to receive all that you want to gain.


That is prosperity, whether you’re searching for health, financial abundance, happy relationships, or a fulfilling career. Your goals could include letting go of self-judgment and self-sabotage, increasing productivity and having the vitality to do all you want to do. Anything is possible in this state of balance because nothing is in the way of fulfilling your dreams. For that matter, your intention could be receiving all of those! And then you are on the journey of creating miracles!
Without that vibration of balance in the body, what we want will not come towards us. The vibrations of the body must match the energy you are trying to attract. Otherwise, it just does not show up.
Another step on your journey towards abundance and prosperity is to spend time each day being in thankfulness and gratitude for all that is coming your way. In that state of being you will easily be able to continue to attract all that you want because you are in alignment.
It is easy to follow your dreams and keep those New Year’s resolutions when your energy aligns with your goals and desires. Create miracles this year! You have abundance and prosperity at your fingertips.


Here are two super easy energy tips to help you flow freely toward prosperity without struggle or effort.
Energy movements for expansion of breath and manifesting your destiny:

  • Right hand:  hold on area of right kidney
  • Left hand: hold on area of left kidney
  • Right hand: cup sternum directly below your collarbones
  • Left hand: hold fingers in a vertical pattern on your tummy

There are other “tricks” to help your journey towards abundance and prosperity be a true miracle. It can be easy, effortless and successful. Join me for my Energy of Prosperity Workshop on Wednesday, January 31st.  Follow this link to get more information or to RSVP now.
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About Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers is passionate about empowering others to live life in a balanced and healthy way. After a car accident that left her with a back injury and chronic pain, Deborah finally found relief through acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. This led her on a personal quest to find out more about these ancient healing techniques. She graduated as a certified acupressurist from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, and then pursued training under well-respected Jin Shin Jyutsu masters, making the commitment to share what she had learned with others. Deborah founded Health At Your Fingertips in 1995 so she could use her knowledge of mind and body to help people find relief from pain, reduce stress, and embody well-being. Today, this thriving endeavor is Deborah Myers Wellness—the go-to resource for energy balancing.
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