I Am One Tremendously Lucky And Astonished Girl Full Of Disneyland!

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Deborah Myers

Tremendously Lucky Deborah Myers hugging Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

I Am One Tremendously Lucky And Astonished Girl Full Of Disneyland!

It happened! I was at Disneyland! My excitement got even more ramped up when I got to the park. And, in my daughter’s and son’s opinion, I played like a three year old. For three fun-filled days, we took one ride after another and we watched parades, light shows and fireworks. One day was fifteen hours long, and my kids never suggested we should quit even though it was raining most of the time. I am one lucky girl!

Tremendously Lucky

My body cooperated — even with the rain and cold and long, long lines. I was doing a lot of energy work to help my body be happy. Prior to the trip, the energy work was all about being productive and getting as much of the to-do list as possible taken care of.

It was a different story at Disneyland. It was all about having the energy to be able to fill every moment with fun. I’ve managed to retain that joy since my return home which is a big plus. It’s in the space of experiencing joy and good memories that we can be creative and step into being more productive.

And I assure you I’m in need of a “feeling productive space!” It’s the beginning of a new year and there is a real long list of what needs to be done to get a good start on my intentions, objectives and goals for 2016.

My Disneyland Inspired Energy Tip

Try this energy tip to help you be engaged with your list and boost your productivity:

To connect with clarity and focus and step into possibilities —

  •       Place fingers on left and right base of your skull
  •       Right hand — cup back of head so fingers are on left base of skull
  •       Left hand — cup forehead so fingers are on right side
  •       Left  hand — cup sternum directly below your clavicle

My hope for you is that you have lots of astonishing moments of fun and that they fill you with joy!

About Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers is passionate about empowering others to live life in a balanced and healthy way. After a car accident that left her with a back injury and chronic pain, Deborah finally found relief through acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. This led her on a personal quest to find out more about these ancient healing techniques. She graduated as a certified acupressurist from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, and then pursued training under well-respected Jin Shin Jyutsu masters, making the commitment to share what she had learned with others. Deborah founded Health At Your Fingertips in 1995 so she could use her knowledge of mind and body to help people find relief from pain, reduce stress, and embody well-being. Today, this thriving endeavor is Deborah Myers Wellness—the go-to resource for energy balancing.
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